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Electronic Medical Record (EMR) as Onehealth®

There are two people on Earth, the patient and the healthcare provider.
The healthcare providers are found and work in health facilities with the mother of all health facilities being hospital.
Onehealth provides for ease of providing services in these facilities singly and as a whole.

Onehealth enables the patients to:

  • View services offered by the facility
  • Register with the facility
  • Easily fill their bio-data by themselves
  • Access services online and offline
  • Pay online, in the bank or at the facility
  • Receive receipts of payments automatically

A facility can then sign up as:

  • Hospital
  • Pharmacy
  • Laboratory (diagnostic centre)
  • Mortuary
  • Maternity Home

The person that signs up a facility is given the "Admin" status and the Admin has the authorization to perform all functions in the facility and view in real time what everyone is doing.
He sees all funds generated, how they were generated in details and summary, the persons who collected them and other details. In the hospital the Admin is the Chief Medical Director.
The Admin can delegate his powers to a ‘’Sub-admin’’ and represents the head of a Department or someone with similar powers as determined by the Admin.

  • The head of laboratory in a hospital could be made the Sub-admin in laboratory section by the Admin.
  • The admin determines the powers of a Sub-admin.
  • The Admin or Sub-admin can then assign functionalities to the other facility workers.
  • Each worker has clearly defined roles based on international best practices.
  • No crossings of boundaries as clearance levels are defined. Example is that a counselling pharmacist cannot function as a dispensing pharmacist unless such is deleted and reassigned.

The app detects time spent on a patient or a service delivery and traces sources of delays.
In the records section, it automatically calls up case notes of those on appointment and sorts referrals. It automatically sorts other records including autopsy findings for court room appearances and communication of findings to relatives and other interest groups.
It automatically sums up all funds collected by each Teller in hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades etc. so that the employer knows how much due for remittance. This is where all problems retarding NHIS implementation is solved. It automatically determines who is and who is not under any form of insurance category as obtained today and as may be perceived by generations unborn. It accounts for services offered to those under insurance and automatically states amount insurance companies should pay hospitals Once a client's bio-data is entered it is carried throughout period of care to all sections in the hospital.
It relieves stress on all workers.
It automatically writes reports for nurses. It generates and updates vital signs chart, drug charts, input and output charts, seizure charts and all other charts as can be envisaged today and tomorrow in the medical world. It automatically appends nurses signature to documents and charts upon entering of values obtained.
It makes consult and referrals easy. It offers reason for such referrals and consults and allows permission to patients’ case note within the time determined by the referring or consulting facility and unit respectively.
All the app needs is for a facility to upload her Logo and it creates a letter headed paper for it.
It creates and issues receipts with same letterhead. The whole facility can operate paperless.
In the pharmacy it accounts for the last mL or tablet of drug. This is because it subtracts every prescription dispensed and dispatched, from the dispensary and main store. It alerts on when drugs are exhausted or about to expire and when expired!
Doctor can monitor; on real time, the drug prescribed to know when it is dispensed and dispatched, including all stages in the process It automatically creates and updates poison register, occurrence/error register, side effect register, captures antibiotic prescription pattern and enables weekly pharmacy report on sensitivity pattern.
With poison register, the app will account for all drugs of abuse in a pharmacy, offer traceability and combat societal ills It automatically bills all patients using the prices set up by the Admin or Sub-admin if permitted. It bills at the instance of accessing a service when payment could be made or deferred and at the end of admission when all payment are made.
It demands for payments for inpatients based on amounts and frequency determined by Admin/Sub-admin and automatically confiscates case notes after days of grace if any was set.
In the laboratory, it has quality controls which the head can enable or disable as demanded by situations. Admin/Sun-admin can introduce compulsory all levels, two levels or single level of control specimens to the analytical bench. The results are verified by an experienced Senior analytical officer before it is presented to the Pathologist. It has feature of age, reagent and other determinants of reference intervals & desirable limits and can be switched automatically. The app gives room for names, qualifications and signatures of all those who contributed to the generation of laboratory results and their roles to be automatically featured in the result. This combats quackery and gives sense of belonging. All are encouraged to practice and to their limit. It also automatically sends patient results to patients. It attaches results to patient folder. It alerts the Dr of available Laboratory results. The Dr can also track the laboratory test in real time, has access to preview of result until it is fully ready, which is when the pathologist signs it. The app can recognize diagnostic machines with or without API, act synchronously to extract patients’ information and attach correctly to patients thereby avoiding post analytical transcription errors. This is the only app that can do this in the world today and we are proud of this! The app also has a place for picture uploads; thereby enabling digital pathology, second opinion on diagnosis via its real-time chatting feature or skyping and conferencing on a case. With these, classmates and course-mates or diagnostic experts in a field can share ideas to give Nigerians the best.
The app keeps track of the body in the morgue; does mortuary billing, records and stores autopsy findings, including pictures taken and automatically issues Death certificate with automatic signature that can withstand forensic subjection.
It resists change of next of kin once a patient is dead. This will reduce inheritance related court cases in Africa.
To the patient, it creates easy and smooth access to care in a facility. It ensures quality care. It exposes services in patients’ vicinity to patient. It has a messaging system and chats are on real-time. Patients and providers can chat.

  • Providers and fellow providers can chat within and outside a facility
  • Healthcare Providers are also enabled to make free calls among themselves
  • A facility can advertise her services to millions of people
  • A facility be searched for
  • A facility can be followed and can follow other facilities

Onehealth makes health seeking and offering efficient, effective and fun!
Create your free account and use Onehealth which is secured and GPDP law compliant.

Onehealth Team

Electronics in Medical services

our Onehealth tablets and computers are cost effective, durable and suitable as tools for accessing and providing Healthcare. Their battery lives are high considering our African experience and to ensure non interruption of services due to power failure.

Data in Medical services

There is a robust partnership with most Internet service providers in Africa to offer cheaper, better uninterrupted internet services and data bundles to our users.

General Medical Services:

Our approach is holistic and we expose providers to their clients and clients to their providers in the Health sector, eliminate ignorance and quackery and enthrone professionalism and faster due process.